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Veteran Cemeteries

North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs

Sandhills State Veterans Cemetery

8220 Bragg Blvd. Fort Bragg, NC 28310

Phone 910-436-5630 

“Documents Needed To Verify Eligibility for Interment”



DD 214 – Certificate of release showing “HONORABLE” discharge from active duty.  This is a required item, and will be filed for record.

(*) Military ID cards if Retired or Medically Retired for Veteran and Spouse.

(*) Veterans Administration Medical ID card.

       (*) Certificate of Discharge.


Two of the items below (1-4) to verify North Carolina Resident information


Resident Property Tax Form

State Income Tax Form

W-2 Tax Form

NC Voters Registration Form

(*) North Carolina Drives License


(*) Indicates items not required, but will be filed for record.


Spouse and Dependent Verification


Marriage Certificate for spouse verification.

Birth Certificate(s) for unmarried children under 21 years of age, or 26 years of age if a full time student at an approved educational institution.

Birth Certificates(s) for unmarried children who become physical or mentally disabled and incapable of self-support before age 21, or 26 if full time student.  A Doctor’s Letter on Letterhead is required for verification.


Opening and Closing Fee for Spouse or Dependent Interment


A $800.00 fee (we prefer a certified check or money order) is required for spouse

 or dependent interment and is due at the time of need.


Cemetery Responsibilities at No Cost to The Veteran & Family


Plot, Headstone and Maintenance of plot and headstone.

Set up for services for the following times: 10 am 12 Noon & 2 pm.


Family and Funeral Home Responsibilities


               Submission of documents at least 24 hours prior to interment date selected. Funeral expenses to include casket and concrete or steel vault for casket interments.  No vault is required for cremation interments. United States Flag for presentation and coordinating Military Honors.



Contacts:  Wayne D. Heilig or Judy Blevins @ (910) 436-5630 or Fax: (910) 436-572

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