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Veterans Cemeteries


Department of Military and Veterans Affairs


8220 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville, NC 28310
Phone: (910) 436-5630 or Fax: (910) 436-5727
Office Hours:  8 am – 4:30 pm M-F (except holidays)
Visiting Hours:  Daily during daylight hours
“Documents Needed To Verify Eligibility for Interment”


  1. DD 214 – Certificate of release showing “HONORABLE” discharge from active duty.
    This is a required item, and will be filed for record.

Two of the items below to verify North Carolina Resident information

  1. Resident Property Tax Form
  2. State Income Tax Form
  3. W-2 Tax Form
  4. NC Voters Registration Form
  5. Mortgage Statement
  6. Vehicle Registration
  7. Bank Statement

Spouse and Dependent Verification

  1. Marriage Certificate for spouse verification.
  2. Birth Certificate(s) for unmarried children under 21 years of age, or 26 years of age if a full time      student at an approved educational institution.
  3. Birth Certificates(s) for unmarried children who become physically or mentally disabled and                   incapable of self-support before age 18.  A copy of the Doctor’s Letter with the diagnosis is required for verification of disability.

Opening and Closing Fee for Spouse or Dependent Interment

An $800.00 fee (check or money order) is required for spouse or dependent interment and is due at the time of need.

Cemetery Responsibilities at No Cost to The Veteran & Family

  1. Plot, Headstone and Maintenance of plot and headstone.
  2. Set up for services for the following times: 10 am 12 Noon & 2 pm.

Family and Funeral Home Responsibilities

  1. Submission of documents at least 24 hours prior to interment date selected.
  2.  Funeral expenses to include casket and concrete or steel vault for casket interments. 
    No vault is required for cremation interments.
  3. United States Flag for presentation and coordinating Military Honors.

Floral Policy

For the public’s convenience, cemetery floral policies are conspicuously posted throughout the cemetery. 

The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs does not permit adornments that are considered offensive, inconsistent with the dignity of the cemetery or considered hazardous to cemetery personnel or visitors.

Floral arrangements accompanying the casket or urn at the time of burial will be placed on the completed grave or, in the case of above ground interment, in the immediate vicinity of the respected niche.  Floral arrangements placed after burial must be placed in the unbreakable vases provided by the cemetery, which can be found at various locations on the cemetery grounds.  The gravel area surrounding the columbarium is used for placement of flowers in that location.  One vase per gravesite or niche is authorized.

Natural cut flowers may be placed on graves and at the columbarium at any time of year.  They will be removed and disposed of by cemetery staff when they become unsightly or when it becomes necessary to facilitate operations such as mowing.

Artificial flowers and potted plants will be permitted on graves and at the columbarium during the periods of November 1st through April 1st, and 4 days before, through 4 days after Valentine’s Day, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, July 4th and the veterans or spouses birthday/date of death.  They will also be removed by cemetery staff when they become unsightly or when it becomes necessary to facilitate cemetery operation.  They may not be secured to headstones or niche covers.

Christmas wreaths, grave blankets and other seasonal adornments may be placed on graves and at the columbarium from December 1st through January 5th.  They may not be secured to headstones or niche covers.

Permanent plantings, flowers planted in the vases and decorations such as statues, vigil lights, upright metal grave markers, flag holders, breakable objects and similar commemorative items are not permitted at grave or cremation sites.  This includes the placing of coins on the headstones or niche covers.  Unauthorized items will be removed.

At the expiration of periods approved for placement of flowers and other decorations (i.e. artificial flowers and Christmas decorations), items will be removed.

Artificial flowers and decorations that are removed will be placed in an inconspicuous holding area for one month prior to disposal.  If damaged, faded, or otherwise unsightly, the item will be disposed of immediately.


Should you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at (910) 436-5630.

Sandhills Sate Veterans Cemetery
Current General Policies & Guidelines

1.     OPERATIONS:  (Phone: 910 436-5630/FAX:  910 436-5727)

A.    Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.  Voicemail is checked on weekends and calls will be returned if needed.

B.    Committal services can be scheduled before the cemetery has the required documents, but all documents are required 2 days before the service is confirmed.

C.     Next of Kin or Power of Attorney will be required to finalize documents prior to the service.  In-person meetings are preferred but meetings by phone will be scheduled as needed.  Also, it is preferred that the meetings take place at least one day prior to the service.

2.     SERVICES:

A.    Services are held at 10 am, 12 pm & 2 pm and are allotted 30 minutes.  At half past the hour, attendees are required to depart the area.  Families will be briefed during the pre-service meeting.  The cemetery requests Funeral Directors ask attendees to return to their vehicles and depart at approximately 25 after the hour.  Starting services early is not permitted and any deviation must be requested and approved 1 day prior to the committal service.

B.    All services are held in the Committal Shelter.

C.     Open-Casket and Graveside services are not permitted.

D.    The committal circle is coned off 1 hour prior to the service to ensure privacy.  No one is permitted to enter, by vehicle or foot, until the funeral home or transport arrives.  (Exception:  The Patriot Guard and Photographers will be allowed to enter at 15 till to set up.)


A.    Cones are removed at 9:50/11:50/1:50.

B.    Cemetery staff will confirm the decedent’s name and ask how the Funeral home would like to proceed.

C.     Cemetery staff will park the coach and family in front of the shelter.

D.    Cemetery staff will park all attendees.

E.     Regardless of the start time, all services must end at 10:30/12:30/2:30.

F.     Clergy are allowed to bless the gravesite, but due to safety regulations, must wait until a cemetery escort is available.


A.    The disinterment is requested in writing and filed with the Program Director of the Veterans cemeteries, the Assistant Secretary for Veterans Affairs or the DMVA. 

B.    The request for disinterment contains the notarized signature of the nearest of kin, such as surviving spouse.  If the spouse is deceased, the signatures of a majority of the surviving children of legal age will be required.

5.     REQUIREMENTS TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR INTERMENT: (NC Driver’s License is NOT Authorized for Use)

A.     DD Form 214, Last Form Issued. (Member Copy 4)

B.     Must be a “Legal” resident of NC at:

         i.     Time of Death

         ii.     For a period of at least 10 years or;

         iii.    At the time of entry into the Armed Forces of the US (NC Home of Record on 214).

C.     Proof of NC Legal Residence:  NC Voter Registration, NC State Personal Income Tax, NC State Property
         Tax, W-2 showing NC Tax Paid or Deed of Trust to Home.

          i.     Other Sources:  School or Bank Records, Mortgages, Official State or Municipal Records.

D.    Marriage Certificate.

E.     Death Certificate:  Normally sent from Funeral Home after the service.

6.     PRE-VERIFICATION:  The Cemetery Pre-Verifies Veterans and Dependents.

To Pre-Verify, veterans need the same documents listed above.  Pre-Verifications are by appointment only.

A.     Veteran:  There is no charge to eligible veterans.

B.     Specific Burial/Cremation spots cannot be reserved.

C.     Dependents:  There is currently an Opening/Closing fee of $800.00 for a Veteran’s Spouse or Dependent.  The cemetery accepts Checks/Money Orders only.  Fee must be paid before the service.


A.     The only requirement to be buried in the cemetery is a casket or urn.  Burial vaults are required for all casket burials.  (Concrete or steel, no poly vaults are allowed)

B.     Funeral homes must provide their own church truck.  We will provide an Urn Table and Podium.

C.     Cemetery staff handles all caskets/urns once attendees have departed.


A.     Fresh-Cut “real” flowers are allowed year around and artificial flowers are allowed from November 1st - April 1st.  See enclosed Flora Policy.

B.     Funeral/Stand flowers are allowed at the time of the Committal Services.  Flowers are laid on the grave after the service.  Only 2 large or 3 smaller arrangements will fit.  Arrangements will be removed/discarded after 5 days.

C.     There are no memorials, lights, pin-wheels or other decorations permitted.

9.     SPEED LIMIT: 

The speed limit throughout the cemetery is 15 MPH.


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